Monday, January 07, 2013

Still BFF's

You may recall my recent love in with caulk.  Well, I'm happy to report our love is still going strong. 

I didn't get the second layer of caulk on the stringer/plaster connection until just today.  Packing four humans to go on a 10-day holiday trip across the border took precedence.  But upon this morning's inspection of my first layer of caulk, I found something.  NO CRACKS.

Ok, that's a big YAY, considering this is what it looked like before....

Obviously, wrong caulk for the job.  Score one for my informative guy at The Home Depot.

But I still had some more work to do.  My first layer of caulk smushed into that crack.  (Or was it just a heavy hand falling in love?)

Again, no crack.  But big dips. 

20 minutes of work later, muuuuuch better. 

I think I still need one more light layer in some spots...just to flatten out some dips and bumps.  But it is truly looking like a brand new staircase again.  If it was awesome after the first caulking, it's even awesomer now.

Here she is:


I know, bad lighting, different angle, camera vs. iphone.  Still awesomer.

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