Friday, February 01, 2013

Two Men Down

Yesterday morning, I wake to Steve saying, "George just puked."

1st thought:
Argh.  We were doing so well.  No colds, fevers or flu this long into the season.  Longest stretch ever. 

2nd thought:
Really?  Today?  REALLY!?!?

All plans out the window.

Kept the middle kid home with the little.  Neighbor graciously offered to drop off and pick up the oldest from school.  Now I don't have to leave the house. 

Puke Bowl

Yesterday afternoon, I'm going crazy.  Sick toddler whining.  Must be held.  Always.

Middle is bored.  Too much TV.

Oldest comes home.

And Steve's home early - yes!  I can still take oldest to basketball class with middle.  I'm out of the house!!

We stay for open gym.

Yesterday evening, we come home from the community center.  Steve is quiet.  Little is climbing all over him.  He runs up to the bathroom.  I start dinner.

After a long time, he comes down.  "I'm in pain."  Goes back up to lay down.

20 minutes, back down, ghost white.  Off to hospital.  Morphine.


This morning, I wake to find Steve in the bed.  Yup, another kidney stone.  Small enough to pass, big enough to be extremely painful.

Check on the little.  What!?  Puke everywhere.  How!?
You slept through it!!??
And in it!!??

Bathtime.  Clean up.  Wash everything everywhere.

Waiting for the stone...

Is it wine time yet?

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  1. So not fun! Hope they both feel better soon.. for all of your sakes:)