Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Make Way For A Slider

Ok, before I get to the slider, here's what I saw today when I opened my front door.

Three things you can see here:
1.  foreground: basement ceiling/main floor joists
2.  middle: floor leveling in process - new lumber attached to old bowed joists
3.  background: plywood over leveled joists - not nailed down, only temporary

We get to trash that new insulation we just put into the basement ceiling...oh well. 

Where was I?  The slider.

We decided to put an 8 foot slider into the back wall of our house with a transom above.  Everything about it makes sense.  Backyard access, maximum light and...who doesn't love a gorgeous slider like this:

This is the exterior, ours will be black.  I fell in love with the handle.

Why do so many sliders have less-than-attractive handles?  I'm gonna be looking at it all day every day.  It's gotta look nice.  And feel nice. 

Trust me, this one does.

And here's where it's going. 

Summer 2012

According to the plan, it will be positioned from the right of the door to the left of the window and above that awning. 

So while we were finishing our Easter holiday in WI, this happened.

Saturday Morning
Saturday Afternoon

Yes, these pictures from our contractor had me squealing with joy.  Look at that hole!  Imagine the light!!

Here's how it looks now.  Animal proofed, waiting for installation. 

Oh yeah, about that deck.

We were waffling on replacing the deck, mainly because it's in such poor shape.  I think we just made up our minds....

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