Friday, July 12, 2013

Random Friday

Today was spent trying to keep calm about the paint on the hardwood.  There is paint everywhere!  Well, only if you look down.  I'm alleviating the OCD by keeping my eyes forward. 

My words to my contractor today: "See, the thing is, I just can't be happy if there's paint on the hardwood."  He said, "Meg, do you trust me!? (Me: yes)  Leave it with me! (smile)"  So I am leaving it with him.  And wondering how it will all come up.  Fingers are crossed.  And I am leaving it with him!!!!!!!!

In other news, I bought a stool.

From-The-Sink View

Side View

Stool requirements:
- comfortable enough to sit in for a long time
- have a back
- hold my father
- cleanable enough for 3 boys
- tuck in as much as possible under the 12 inch overhang so people can walk behind

It was an unexpected purchase today.  I knew it covered #1-4 of the above.  So I brought it home to see if it met #5.  I think it's a success.

Saran Wrap Removed

Today's crew gave it a thumbs up.  So did Steve.  It's a reasonable price.  So I think it's staying.  Now to order 3 more.

Then we went to the park.


It was the first trip ever without a stroller.  #3 had a total meltdown when I tried to put him in it  He is defiant.  Stronger willed than #2.  I'm in trouble.


This week has been the most amazing and the most difficult. 
Moving. In. Sucks.  Stuff everywhere.  Pitch it, use it, store it...?? 

I heard the advice, "when you move, touch it once."  I've touched everything 18 times. 

But this evening brought reflection.  Our view used to be this.


And tonight it's this.

My View

We've been questioning whether it's all worth it.  But I just might think it is.

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  1. Wow! I love that last view! Totally worth all the work:)