Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Shut The Front Door

Please.  I love doing just that.  Only because it sounds so nice now!

Yes, we had to get a new front door. 

Along with the staircase, we wanted to keep our front door.  It's original to the house.  We had every intention of simply cleaning it up and not replacing it.
Not.  Replacing.

Old Outside

Nothing wrong with that, right??  Nothing unless you're a door guy.  Then you notice the old rickety glass.  The windblowing mail slot.  The old and new hardware that put more holes than a groundhog in the slab.  Which at the end of the day, makes the original doorbell a nice sentiment...but not worth keeping a crappy door on a nice house.

Ok, ok.  Even after all this hard work.  I will give up my hundred year old door.

Old Inside

For something exactly the same.

New Meet Old

Seriously.  Look at that.  Can you see a difference?

Ok, kinda.

See, we live in the same house.  It's the new old house.  New on the inside.  Old on the outside.

Same old neighborhood, same old neighbors, same old look and feel on the same old street.  Since we'll be attached to the same old semi forever, why not keep the look of the same old door?  Exactly.

Except for the bad old falling apart hardware...

It was fun shopping for something you need to love since it will be in your hand at least twice a day.  And that's if you only leave the house once.  I learned that from Cityline.  Front door hardware is no joke.

Especially if you are a mom of three and can't leave the house without returning multiple times everytime for things you your head.  Yes, that has actually happened to me.

So here's a montage of the old to new.

The quote from the world's best door guy was "your neighbors will walk by and wonder why you painted your red door white."  Yes, they will Eddy.  They absolutely will.

Until we paint it red again.


We have a green house.  There's white trim.  Same neighborhood, same street, same house.  Why not the same color.

We chose it long ago and loved it.  We still love it.

Like even more now.

New Threshold

We chose a slate threshold on the suggestion of my friend/designer.  It's hard to see here, but the dark grey of the slate matches the veins in the concrete-look tiles in the entryway.  Perfect.

We painted the inside of the door the same color as the walls & trim, OC-65: Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace.

Here's a shot of the exterior.

We love, love, love the door.

As much as I hated sacrificing the old door, I simply adore the new door.  It's hard to tell we live near a busy street...until you open the door.  It's hard to tell how hot or cold it is outside...until you open the door.

And the moment you do, you can tell it's a really great new old door.


  1. Replacing the hardware is always a good option if the old one gives you problems if you are not satisfied with it you should replace it immediately. Doors act as our guards therefore it is better to replace them when the old one is rickety and falling apart.

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  2. It sounds like you really love your door, hahaha! Seriously, if you
    hadn't blogged about it, there's no way to tell that you replaced
    your old door. I'm not really a fan of red, but I have to admit it
    works really well with your green wall. We also had to fix our door
    and roof a few weeks ago, so we had some guys from come and
    help us.

  3. I love your old, new door. Where can I find one like it? Need to replace what I have and want that look.