Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How To Survive March Break

I don't remember Spring Break in grade school or high school.  I remember it in college...but the week never overlapped with friends at other schools. 

Here?  Everyone in Ontario is out at the same time (well, except University students - what I still call college - but we're not in that realm yet so it's not on my radar).  And since everyone's out, most people are away.  And by that I mean Steve's co-workers. 

So we stay home.  Always have, probably always will. 

With two in full day school now, and one in preschool, I'm used to a schedule with a speck of freedom.  But March Break means no school and no preschool.  So I reminded myself of that good old Weight Watchers mantra: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  I kinda did both.

Here's my guide to surviving March Break with three little boys....at least day one.

1) DO NOT show up to an Honest Ed's event without expecting a line up. 

Make that an insane line up.  Honest Ed's was having a sign sale.  My dad loves this store and we needed something to do, so why not check it out.  Why?  Because everyone else in Toronto was thinking the same thing.

The line wrapped almost completely around the entire city block sized store.  Needless to say, we aborted mission after the line moved about 15 feet after 15 minutes.  (My friend was #700 in line, just past the Mirvish Alley on Bloor, and got in after 5 hours of waiting - score!)

2) DO go to a diner for lunch after visiting Dollarama to make your own signs. 

The meltdowns at Dollarama meant we actually got Easter chocolate instead of sign material, but the goal was to make it out alive, which we did.  The diner paid off because the boys woo'd the owner and got free fries.  And I didn't have to make lunch.

3) DO indulge in child labor.

I run a tight ship, or I would be overtaken by these boys.  They are smart, strategic and like to stick together.  Even though I have a rule about eating only at the table (or island), with placemats, keep your head over your plate, two hands on your cup, use your napkin.....food gets on the floor.  A lot.  This week, it's their responsibility to clean it up.

4) DO NOT forget to check voicemail.

While we were at Honest Ed's/Dollarama/the diner, we got a call from St. Alban's Boys and Girls Club.  Jake was the first on the waitlist, and there was an opening for him to join the (incredibly cheap) March Break swim class.  Yes...!!!!

With Henry already registered for his level, we have 2 out of 3 in the pool at the same time all week.  This mom of 3 energetic boys couldn't be happier.

5) DO check books for the missing sock.

I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off searching for George's sock when we were getting ready to go to swim class.  It was on his foot all day.  Even through nap.  Then suddenly, it was gone.  Just one.  Couldn't explain it.

Just before bedtime, Henry picked up one of the 10 school library books we found in random places around the house this weekend.  He said, "Oh yeah!  I forgot I used George's sock as my bookmark!!"  Of course you did.

Thank goodness we made it through day one.  Day two, my parents come for a 5-day visit.  Which means at least that part of my March Break plan will not fail ;)

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