Friday, December 14, 2012


I am on a penny-pinching binge due to our imminent gigantic renovation.  No excuses...Christmas included.

But when I picked up the Christmas pictures at the Superstore, I couldn't help but bring home a handful of cute decorations.  All for the low, low price of $31.64.  Yes, that includes the insane 13% tax up here.

$7 Felt Snowflake Pillows

The kids use this couch the most.  I can totally accept $7 pillows getting destroyed.  Except, they're so cute, I have already used time outs as protection.

$14 Reindeer

George picked this guy out.  I fell in love with his cuteness.

His bells really jingle, which caught George.  We couldn't not take him home once the little man found that out.  The antlers aren't totally kid-proof, but the rest of him seems to be. 

The fabric really caught me because, let's face it.  This is as close to a craft show to buy Christmas decorations as I'm gonna get. 

And all from a place that gives me a receipt that I can pass off as food shopping.  Score.

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