Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas in Da House!

This year we got the decorations up early.  When I say we, I mean he.  Superhusband again.

And this year, he had a helper.

Or three.

I'd love to say we have the most perfect tree ever.  With perfect ornaments in the perfect color scheme positioned perfectly around the tree.  But we don't. 

And it's fine. 

Because those three did it.

And I love it.

Especially the lower left corner.  That little area is randomly redecorated daily by the toddler.  Usually in minimalist form. 

As for the rest of the house, there are things here and there. 

Can you find the tree?

Just a little in the kitchen.  It goes with the dollar store Santa plates that are a huge hit at every meal.

The candy cane staircase went up.  A perfect compliment to any baby gate. 

And this year, I added the stockings.

It's fun to see them through the dining room doorway. 

Yes, we're a family of five with only three stockings up.  I bought our stockings when we were a family of four.  And since they're a set, I can't seem to find a fifth to match.  So instead of George getting the short end of the stick, mom and dad suffer.  As per usual.

Last but not least, the entrance.

I can't wait until that yellow wall is gone! 

Oh right, sorry, decorations.  Wreath on door, check.  Ribbons to hold cards on mudroom door, check.  Fake wreath/garland thing around mirror, check. 

Take one long last look at these shots, because it's gonna be gonzo next Christmas.  The last round of new floorplan reviewing included a discussion around where the Christmas tree would go... 

Sounds like a perfect time to incorporate five new stockings, too.

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