Monday, November 11, 2013

It's A Big Day

That's right.  It's big.  Real big.

Today, this little old house is being featured on a little old website named Apartment Therapy.

by Justice Darragh as seen on AT

If you want to go check it out, here's the link.

But if you're here because you knew all that, welcome to the blog behind that house!  Have a look around - it's nothing fancy, but it's fun.

You've seen how our big renovation turned our first home into our forever home.  But there's more.  Click here for behind-the-scenes of how it all went down.  

And be sure to come back and visit soon.  Now that the big reveal is FINALLY reveal-ed, I'll be breaking down each and every room of the renovation with big old before-and-afters.

Cause I love them.  There's nothing better than pretty.  Unless you have three kids.  Then that nothing is date night.  Or maybe it's chocolate.  Chocolate on date night! 

I digress.

I'm also in the middle of refinishing/painting a solid wood veneer dresser for the boys' room.  But since I have three of them, it's taking me a while.  Boys, that is.  So far, I found my inspiration & the dresser, stripped it and sanded it.  Any guesses where this thing is headed?

Me either.

Thanks for coming.  And stay tuned!


  1. Huge congratulations! Love the feature!

  2. I loved your space on AT. Very nice combination of low- and high- end, I especially appreciate how you made ikea pieces look custom. Could you share details on the tiles in the pantry? Do they have a metallic surrounding in the exposed edges? Source?

  3. Yes! I am pulling together the details of every room and will be posting before-and-how-we-got-to-afters for each space. The pantry is small, but it deserves it's own post with all the finishes in there! Coming soon...

  4. Thanks, looking forward to it :)