Friday, November 01, 2013

The Most Boring Halloween Ever

Because last year's was the most eventful to date.  And we don't need a repeat of that again.  Ever.

Instead, the eventful-ness centered on the costume choice of the eldest.  It changed so many times, back and forth, something new, no not that, tears, meltdown, sadness.  So I did the most natural thing possible.  I passed it off to daddy.

The Night Before

His big idea was to let it go and just buy some makeup.  I do as I'm told.

Because then this happens:

The Night Of

He has a slight look of anger/annoyed here.  But that's just directed towards me for taking the picture.  He's actually super excited about his random, pulled it out of the air, let's google something scary idea: A zombie.

Best part?  So CHEAP!!!

This Was Really Hard

Let's pretend you only just started reading this post right here.  You know no background of this picture.  Can you guess which costumes daddy took care of and which mommy took care of? 

I will say, one guy got the most compliments of the night.  Ok, daddy, you win.

So, since today is the two year anniversary of this little blog, and sharing Halloween pictures started it all off, let's recap the last three years:


Oh man!  That just made me sad.  These kids aren't so little anymore. 

What the heck happened!?!?

Each Halloween is getting better, though.  George is getting faster.  And that pile of candy is getting bigger...

Mega Haul!

But with bigger boys come bigger appetites.  Sorry, Treat Fairy, we may have spread the word about you on the news...but we didn't leave you very much this year!

(darn it)

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