Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Organizing By Color

On the heels of decluttering, I did a little organizing.  And I did it with something this very white house has very little of...color. 

Our Beloved Closet

I adore our closet if only because our previous one was horrifically small, dark and impossible on every level.  The IKEA Pax Tonnes changed my life. 

A Place For Everything

Then I copied the drawer/shelf system they had in-store.


And wound up with this.  Jewelry that doesn't have a place in the box because it's worn too much, still in baggies from visits to my family back home, big and small, different colors...what!?

Then I went to Target.

Metal serving tray (on sale), appetizer plates (clearance) and small dip bowl.  I didn't know I needed them until I got them home.


Hello.  Now I can see what to put on in the morning before I've even had coffee. 


And the pops of color are necessary in February.

The gold/yellow and silver/gray color coordination was completely accidental.  I only noticed that after taking these pictures.  Unconscious OCD-ish?  Um, yes.

I may love this bowl even more than joe fresh jewelry.  And you can see that's saying a lot...!


  1. If we ever decide to move, it will be for this very reason. I want a closet!!!! This makes me so jealous! I also have a love affair with Joe Fresh jewelry:)

  2. I am not lying when I say life changing! joe fresh gets me every time. :)