Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring Has Sprung

Someone recently asked me, "what's your next project?" and I drew a blank.  Then one day, all the snow and ice melted. 

I think we all know what the next project is.  But there's some waiting involved.  As in...let's see what wasn't destroyed when the fence went in.  I already know of a few casualties.

As for what comes back?  There are many possibilities.  Before our two renovations, I fell in love with gardening.

April 2009

We tried so many different things back here, but what stuck was following the shadows.  And embracing shade. 

May 2010

Grass in the sun, garden in the various shady border areas.  Heavy shade on the left, light shade on the right.  And don't plant anything that says "Full Sun" no matter how pretty it is.  I learned that the hard way...there were so many beautiful casualties...

May 2012

2011 is missing because that was the basement reno.  The garden collected piles of garbage from old pipes and rotted wood to bags of concrete and plastic tarps.  I couldn't believe it rebounded in 2012 like nothing ever happened. 

So we'll see what happens in 2014.  Because the beating from the renovation of 2013 was much, much worse...


Here's the state that it's in today.  Not pretty.  But the potential is there. 

I pulled all the rocks, bricks and pavers into the middle so the perennials can grow.  But until things come up, nothing's for sure.  Grass gone?  Adios firepit?  No blooms, texture only? 

It's all up for grabs.  It's just gotta be inexpensive and low maintenance.  Game on!

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