Sunday, October 26, 2014

How I Know We're Meant To Be

Back in early April, while I was dreaming of summer, I hit the mall to look for sunglasses and took this shot.

He picked them out himself, got a thumbs up from a hipster standing next to us, and the cashier even smiled.  I sent the pic to my husband.  Because why not. 

End of story.

It's the fall.  We've lived with our renovation for a year.  And we both decide we need to get on some art.  Like really need.  Minimal / Modern suits us well.  But we need something on the wall!  Especially this one. 

It's in the living room, opposite the TV.  You can see a tour and before/after of the room HERE from a year ago.  Where I mentioned we need art.  A YEAR AGO!

So, I finally put up some taped-together paper to get a sense of the size and location....for a little DIY idea that I found here.  Oh, how I love it.  It's totally my vibe.  But I live in the city.  There are no random large canvasses just sitting out on the curb. 

(Well, there was one.  In the spring.  I pulled over, measured it and started putting it in my trunk.  Then a lady walking by said, "Be careful.  That's a rooming house."  I looked at her with a question mark on my face.  She leaned in and whispered, "Bedbugs."  And walked away.  Then I saw dog poo on a corner of the canvas.)

Once I figured out the size, I looked into buying one.  The size of that paper is 5 feet wide by 3.5 feet high.  Any guesses?  $200.  For a DIY that might or might not turn out great.  I couldn't pull the trigger. 

So the paper stayed.  People asked if it was art.  I started saying yes. 

And then it was my birthday. 

My husband was sick of seeing the paper on the wall.  So he took a big gamble. 

And won. 

He downloaded a free app called Glaze, to give the picture a more painted look instead of a photograph.  Then he sent it to Canvas Pop, an online company that prints photos on canvas.  He had the canvas sent to our home address, and amazingly enough, our neighbor intercepted the delivery.  Then Steve ran it around the corner to our local framer. 

And funny enough, it matches the size of the paper.  He didn't even measure it.  He just went for the biggest canvas. 

It's not a DIY and it wasn't cheap.  But good, big art isn't.  What it is, is something better than a photo.  Or a gallery.  Or collage.  It's pop art of my own kid. 

(That the other two think "looks creepy.")

And I love it.  ;)

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