Thursday, November 13, 2014

Halloween...And Then Some

I've decided to get into the mode of posting less more often instead of a lot less often.  I'm short on time.  Like everyone.  So if I put it out there, maybe I'll do it. 

After this one.

My "blogiversary" came and went.  November 1st.  Three years!  I did a Halloween recap then, and again, and again, so I must do one now.  No matter how late is is...

George and I visited Henry's classroom Halloween party.  This black cat got to pose with The Hulk...aka his 3rd costume choice in the week leading up to the big event.  Argh!!

After school, we ran home to decorate.  I just can't get it together to decorate even one day in advance.  It's last minute every single year.  But the joy of kids getting older, means they pitch in.  Jake did the caution tape and I took care of the faux-pumpkins.  (For a full explanation, visit this link, we will never carve again!!!)

Recurring themes:  Zombie (this year there were two), Rain (at least it's not snow) and CANDY (more than ever).  We have the kids pour all the loot onto the table for a picture right after trick-or-treating.  This makes for no individual stashes.  I can't believe they haven't caught onto my trick yet. 

And because it's been two weeks since Halloween, here's some other random things going on in our terribly busy lives:

Winter Is Coming
Winter gear goes on sale incredibly early.  I gave him the chance to pick out his own hat.  I think he loves it.

This came home in Jake's backpack.  His class was taking a trip to the "Century Schoolhouse" here in Toronto, and he was actually excited about it!  I was skeptical.  I know my resistant-to-any-kind-of-change child, but he really wanted to participate.  So we headed to Value Village and Dollarama.  He picked it all out.

And then this happened. 

He settled down, went off to school and met up with his classmates who looked just as crazy cute.  A friend of mine called it "adorkable".  Yes.  Every 3rd grade child must go through the rite of passage.

Then he came home and told us how he got "punished" and had to hold a log for 2 minutes.  A classmate got her hair pinned to the wall and another had to stand on his tippy toes and hold his nose to the wall for a minute.  Awful field trip that it was.

"Henry, you're gonna hate it next year."

Since we're going with a Jake theme here, I have to mention how insanely into football he is right now.  I admit, we've been brainwashing him with my beloved Green Bay Packers from very young.  But he not only watches it, he plays it.  Daily.  At school.  Begs us to go outside and "throw the football around."  His brothers, too.  I love it. 

(And we loved watching the Packers dismantle the Bears on Sunday Night Football.  All three boys may have been a little tired at school the next day...)

And on this active note:

Random iPad Picture

We're neck deep in the electronics war.  Our kids have taken over the iPad.  And an old laptop.  Yesterday, Jake found my old iPhone. 

It's still the kid phase.  Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts aren't in our near future.  But usage is getting out of hand.  Our general family belief is: everything in moderation.  So we're doing our best to limit the time spent on electronics, taking turns, managing the games. 

But some days, that iPad just seems to disappear.  Nobody can find it!  Hmmm...let's go play football, instead ;)

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