Monday, December 15, 2014

Holiday-ing Around Here

We don't really go all out.  There are 3 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  And we're away for both.  So we have two small bins of stuff and a tree. 

Translation: the kids do the decorating. 

My 1% is the niche above the tree.  This year, I found two glass trees at CB2, which were the perfect height and depth.  I only stopped in early November to measure them, but the salesperson said they sell out immediately, so home they came.  True to his word, they are gone!!!

But, as with children decorating, that cute little snowflake in a globe was vetoed because he had to come down and live with the other closer-to-the-touch decorations.  

Here is the other 99%. 

Pseudo-chocolate advent calendars - check.
Random statues, globes and mini-trees grouped together - check.
Stockings that can't be left alone* - check.
Random reindeer in the corner because he can't stand up - check.

*They lasted about 5 minutes.  The next day, George pulled on one as he walked by, causing the reindeer holder to fall, dent the floor and break into a million pieces.  Lesson learned, next year we're going with command strips.

Last but not least, although we went with the broken-tipped silver star on the big tree, warm-hearted Henry didn't want our homemade star from nobody-knows-when-it-was-made to go unused.  So he wrapped it around the top of the mini-tree on the table.  Which is in everyone's way when they eat dinner and want to watch the end of Spongebob ;)

Here's to the holidays of 2014.  And maybe next year George will finally learn not to open multiple random numbers on his advent calendar and run out of chocolate with 9 days to go. 

Merry Christmas ;)

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