Thursday, December 04, 2014

Inspiration: Boys Bedroom

When I walk down the hall, I love to peek into their room.  Natural light bounces off the white walls.  The dresser is still in good shape.  And it's so small, it only takes 3.0937523 seconds to tidy everything up.

But this wall?  I'm stumped.  They need more storage, now that Lego and Skylanders are a major part of our lives.  And I need a place for dirty laundry.  It just has to be shallow and it can't be another dresser. 

Pinterest to the rescue...with its partner in crime, Ikea.  


I'm kinda in love with this set up.  The double-wide Ikea shelves would fit between the door and the wall.  Hanging shorter shelves on top towards the wall would help the narrow entrance to the room (because of the bunk bed).  And I'd use these adorable bins under the lowest shelf. 


This set up is a close second.  Ikea's shelving unit or wall cabinet would do the trick.  Stacked or spread out, the cabinets have major potential. 


And then there's my absolute fave.  Maybe it's the yellow brackets?  Or the chair?  Or the plants?!?!  Or the fact that I can close my eyes and see this in their room just like it is. Right. Here.

Suddenly, I picture Henry balancing on that chair's edge while George hangs from the bottom shelf as Jake cheers them on, racing to see who can get their toy down first...  

So...maybe it's a mix of all three.  With the rule: shelves are for toys, not boys ;)


  1. I love all those options! Such a great little space!

  2. Haha, Hannah hasn't tried hanging off the shelves in her room yet, but I'm sure those days are coming! The room looks great!