Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I get all kinds of responses when people find out I'm a mother of 3 little boys.  Sometimes awe, other times sympathy, usually a variation on "there's a special place in heaven for you."

Busy doesn't begin to describe my life.  Which is why I savor moments like I had yesterday.

Open on Jake & I eating lunch at kitchen table:

J: Mommy, can I have some of your salad?
M: Sure.

(takes a bite.  again.  again.  again.)

J: Can I have my own?
M: How about you finish your lunch and I'll make you one for dinner?
J:  OK.

(eats his sandwich quietly)

J: Mommy, what letter makes the sound "i-h"?
M: I think that's the letter I.

(finishes sandwich.  gets up and goes into dining room.  SFX: paper being ripped out of pad.  walks back into kitchen.)

J: Mommy, I made this sign for you so you don't forget.

Melt my heart. 

Jake is my energetic child.  He has so much energy, it radiates from him.  He needs to move.  He can't sit still.  He runs into a room, jumps on the couch, dances while humming to himself.  This boy would rather be moving than sitting down spelling or reading.  Always.  So for him to think about a new word and spell it out by himself on a piece of paper...well, I just wanted to cry with happiness. 

Then, back to busy reality, we both forgot his salad for dinner.

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