Monday, April 02, 2012

Get Out!

It's not that I haven't been doing much lately.  It's just that to get things done, I gotta make room.  And money.  So things are moving out. 

Craigslist and Goodwill, that is.

I'm talkin' furniture, baby stuff (lotsa baby stuff), leather shoes, an old name it, it's going.  And it's feeling good.

So I thought I'd share some pictures of progress.  Then I realized how little progress can be seen.  What?  I've gotten rid of so much stuff...but I still have so much stuff!!!


Now presenting pictures of our dumping ground, otherwise known as "the 3rd floor".  Or just "3". 

As in, "mommy, where's my suitcase?"  "Up on 3."  (beat)  "I can't find it."  "Well, it's up there somewhere..." 

I'm surprised we haven't lost a child yet.

Guest Room

Beat up rug - check.  Old doors wedged beside bed - check.  Old IKEA artwork propped up on said doors - check.  Bookcase half blocking the window - check. 

(yes, this is the guest room)

View From the Window

Oversized IKEA Pax wardrobe full of purses and shoes so guests can't even use it - check.  Pillows shoved in the corner because they can't fit in the wardrobe - check.

In all honesty, I do clean up the guest room before guests come (right, mom?).  Right now the bed is full of summer clothes for me to purge...and the bins, jackets and bags aren't usually there. 

Carpet = Goodwill Staging Area

So, the only things that actually are part of the guest experience....are, well, everything listed above.  Eeeek.

I know.  It's an old house.  There's no storage in these old homes.  They didn't have closets back then.  (Yes, I've actually heard someone say that)  But that shouldn't be an excuse. 

Especially not when you have not only one room but two that look like this.

Just As Bad

Bins full of kid clothes - check.  Stroller parts - check.  Paint & supplies - check.  Toy overflow - check.  Outdoor deck chair pads - check.

Nope - Worse

I don't even know what's in there anymore - check.

There's The Storage Area

Poorly built storage area full of...I can't remember - check.  Top of storage area full too - check.

Why would I show these pictures? 

Believe it or not, this is progress.  Our basement renovation overwhelmed us with STUFF that had to get up and out and go somewhere.  It mostly ended up on 3.  And in the green room.  The piles you see here are accessible.  We couldn't even walk into the green room in January.  At least now, there's a little path...

Also, we have plans.  During our regular Sunday morning conversations dreaming about what we want to do in our house someday, Steve and I decided the green room might make a better guest room.  For now.  And we need an office.  Probably the yellow room. 

So, I've posted these pictures for me.  To get on it.  To keep the inspiration flowing...and the ideas floating.  Not to mention embarrassment helps leads me to accountability.  How's that for motivation?

Excuse me while I pack the car and head to Goodwill.

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