Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Construction Fatigue

I shouldn't be complaining.  The work means improvements for our water and sewer.

Or does it?

Since they dug us last week, our water pressure has gotten worse.  Way worse.  To go from running 2 showers, a toilet and a tap with nobody a toilet and a tap but only getting a drizzling stream in the sink.  Well, that's just atrocious. 

Thank goodness I made friends with the workers, so they're nice to me.  They feel my pain and want to help.  And they did.  Until the water was shut off again yesterday.  When it turned on, our pressure was back to bad.  But then, better.  So...we just have to deal with wonky pressure and war zone-like conditions for another 2 months.

Yes, war zone.  We started out saying "we live on a construction site."  Then it turned into "we live in a dust bowl."  One neighbor called it a dirt pit.  Now, we just look out the window and feel like we should be dodging bullets. 

Our Street BEFORE
Our Street TODAY

It's become a game - we wake up and look out our 2nd floor window down the street and say, "who are they digging today!?"  Then I get a minor heart attack this morning when I see this:


The guys know our water pressure is not right.  But I was praying we'd avoid more digging on our shared parking pad. 

Then I found out the work isn't for us.  It's for our neighbor across the street.  He's getting his water upgraded today.  Lucky for us, the city water main IS ON OUR SIDE OF THE STREET.  So we don't have water again today.


Poor neighbor we share a wall with - more of his pavers had to come's quite a collection now.

Here's my view:

Good Thing They're Nice

The guys are really, really nice.  I have nothing bad to say about the crew.  That might be the only upside to all of this.

So as the fatigue sets in, I'm enjoying the view from the back of the house. 

I haven't seen this much green this early.  It's beautiful and scary all at the same time.  I prefer the beautiful.

Right Side

That right there is a stunning Japanese Maple that I almost killed.  Oh, I felt so bad. 

I brought in an arborist to try and save it from my hack job 3 summers ago.  It pains me to see it on life support.  I was assured it could make it back, but that there would be a long road ahead.  I can see some branches that didn't make it through the winter...but lots more new growth sprouting, so I'm already hopeful for this summer.

Purple Violets

I found violets in full bloom - these almost seem a little past their prime already.

The flowers on the Lungwort are showing up.

Super Hellebore
And this one's my star.  The Hellebore is going crazy.  It will be the third season in my garden for this plant.  You know what they say about planting a perennial...1st year Sleep, 2nd year Creep, 3rd year Leap.  She's definitely Leapin'.

And it's still March!

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  1. It's too bad that the construction is dragging on.  It's such a nuisance when you're home during the day.

    I'd never heard of hellebores before until this past week and yours is so pretty!  I have quite a few shade gardens so I really need to plant some.