Friday, March 23, 2012

The Monkees

I managed to get birthday pictures x2 done at the Superstore. 

I started with Jake.  Every birthday is remembered with a picture session at the Superstore.  I buy the pictures no matter what - good, bad or ugly.  For $30, it's a fantastic memory.  In fact, one of the worst sessions got me my favorite shot of Jake & Henry.  I almost cried that day, they were behaving so badly.  But now the picture brings a smile to my face whenever I see it.

Here's my one year old:

G is 1!
And here's my six year old (!):

J is 6...???!!!!!

Time out.  Here's where I almost cried during THIS session. 

I call George my "Jake Part 2" because of how much he reminds me of Jake when he was a baby.  So, watching George stand there holding onto the '1' and then flip to Jake in front of the camera with his hands in his pockets totally threw me.  What happened to my baby Jake??!!

Thank God Henry was screwing around so much behind the camera - it kept the tears from welling up. 

Then I got the good old group shot:

Almost everyone is smiling

And I got one more pose for kicks:

Lookin Like Daddy
Steve circa 2002
Think they're related?

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