Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Construction Continues

Not the fun inside type.  The outside.

There is major construction happening on our street.  The city of Toronto is replacing the original water & sewer lines that were laid in 1885.

To get a sense of what that means, I tried to find a photo of our area from back then.  The closest I could find is a picture of the neighborhood 40 years AFTER those pipes went in.

Picture found here

[If you look close, Albany is the first cross street in the background of this picture (turn right -south- and that's us).  The streetscape here on the right still remains pretty intact today.  But the left side looks very different...and those tracks are long gone.]

Old.  Clay.  Pipes.

Now concrete.  And big.  So big, they take up multiple car lengths of space on our street.  Not to mention the enormous equipment.  Enough description - see for yourself (all taken from my porch).

Looking North

Looking East

Looking South

Imagine all those pipes, machines and piles of dirt replaced with cars.  That's the normal. 

On our street, very few (lucky) homeowners have front parking.  Most only have access to street parking, making it very difficult to score a spot.  Make that impossible right now during construction.

As the pictures show, the main line is almost finished being laid.  Then comes the connection from our house to the main line.  I am really nervous about them ripping up our front parking pad...

But I'm ready for them to be done.  So rip off the band-aid already and dig a trench where my car should be.  I won't miss the sound of dump trucks backing down my street every morning at 7:00am.


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  1. I feel your pain! When we moved into our house 7.5 years ago, we discovered that our street was ripped up.. my Dad asked one of the big machine operators to move so we could take the u-haul off-roading to get closer to our new house. haha Then, we found out that there was a boil water advisory. Good times!

    I hope your construction will be over soon - the constant vibrations can be pretty irritating. :)