Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Craigslisting Everything

I go in waves. 

There are times when I can't bear to get rid of anything.  But lately, I'm on a purging streak.  It's the weather.  It's Spring around the corner.  It's the crazy amount of stuff we've accumulated over the last 9 years in this house!

So instead of highlighting something I've done, how about something I've undone.

Here's the room last weekend post-paint:

And now:

Wicker Chairs Gone

The wicker chairs weren't so bad when the wall was sage green.  Or maybe I just didn't see how bad they were when everything else was bad.  But once the white wall went up, those chairs had to go. 

The other things have to go too.

Serving a Purpose

This little guy is blocking my little guy from the outlet and cable connection.  Function stays for now.


But the stool goes (in a pair - there's one on the other side - buyer coming this week), so does the sad lamp, as well as that shiny mismatched pillow.

So picture this with only the couch and window covering in place:

Getting There...

Coffee table going to my sister-in-law, rug is too small and bench is just temporary.

I have a vision and I'm on a mission. 

I may have to craigslist my kids.

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