Tuesday, April 17, 2012


We're back.  And it was great. 

I parlayed our Easter trip back home to WI into a Florida getaway for Steve and I...sans kids.  Heaven!  We had an uninterrupted conversation.  And then another one.  On the beach.  After reading the paper! 

I honestly can't tell you how long it's been since we've been able to do that. 

Thank you, Mom.  Thank you, Dad.  And thank you, Fort Lauderdale.

We spent 4 beautiful nights at The Atlantic on Fort Lauderdale Beach.   It was on the North end of the beach, away from the main drag....which was perfect.

The Atlantic

Every room had a view of the ocean...because it was directly across the street.

Stone's Throw to the Beach

Needless to say, that's where we spent the majority of our time.  Basically every day looked like this:

Steve Reading the Paper!
Me Watching the Waves!

Yup.  A whole lotta nothing.  Perfection.

We also enjoyed a few glasses of wine with our balcony view.

Steve's View of Me with the Atlantic Ocean
My View of Perfection

On our last full day, we mustered up the energy to take a Riverfront Boat Tour around the Fort Lauderdale riverway.  I'm glad we did - it was gorgeous.  There's a whole other side to the city, away from the tourist-laden beachfront strip. 

The homes were insane.  Each one bigger and more beautiful than the next. 

Gorgeous Garden
Perfect Palm Trees

The White House, But Bigger

And what could go better with a winter cottage than something to scoot around in?

Captain said this was Johnny Depp's

But instead of a house and a boat, why not get both in one?

$300 million

This was the crown jewel on the waterway.  Cakewalk.  Largest yacht ever built in the US.  The captain was rattling off all kinds of facts about this beauty.  All I remember was the price and a 2-person submarine on board. 
You can google the rest.

The next day, we enjoyed our last time on the beach...

Happy Feet

...and headed back to pick up the kids.  By then, I missed them terribly. 

But I'm so glad we went.  Relaxing and doing nothing for a few days does wonders.  Not only for my mommy patience, but to just reset my energy.

Including my energy to do house projects...I picked up the kitchen banquette fabric while I was home...!

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