Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ceiling Textured

After my bad Wednesday, I knew my luck had to turn.  And it did. 

This about sums up the ceiling.

On the Drive to Uncle Joe's

Want to know why?  Let's get to the goodness.

Before - Just After Tile Removal
After - Patched, Sanded, Primed & Textured

Seriously!!!  I know.  I can't believe it, either.

So let's rewind to Wednesday evening when I was ready to quit in total defeat.

Wednesday Night

At this point, Rick S. patched the peeled & chipped area with the super special hard compound.  Well, he came back over first thing Thursday morning and applied drywall compound with an enormous trowel.  Skimmed the whole area to completely cover the patches.

Then we waited 6 hours to make sure it was REALLY dry (not to mention I was so overtired, and kinda dreading more sanding, so I took a siesta).

So dad did this.

Let it Snow

Did I mention I hate sanding?  He's my hero. 

Then I primed.

Short Ladder

Done Priming

Then I took a shower, picked up my kids from summer camp, had dinner and went back to work.

Prep for Texture
Cover the Trim

I was warned the sand texture paint splatters.  A lot.  So I taped and taped and taped.  And taped.

Then I had a stiff drink.

4-finger Dirty Martini

My dad makes a mean martini.  It's his favorite.  It was the perfect drink at the perfect time because I was getting ready for D-Day. 

Applying the sand texture. 

Bright and early Friday morning, I did it. 

Ceiling Textured

 And it turned out great.


It's not perfect.  But it's a million times better. 

Here's another awesome before and after.  I love these.

Before - Just After Tile Removal
After - Newly Textured Ceiling

I actually don't believe how much better it looks.  Mom and dad, pinch me.  

Next up?  Crown moulding.  Stay tuned.

In the meantime, it's martini-time.

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