Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Love Me Some Moulding

This vacation has really been a work-ation for me.  My tail is tired.  But don't be fooled...I love it.

Before I jump into the work, here's a snapshot of last weekend. 

The Brookfield Zoo!
And Me Too!

My sister-in-law has a membership to the Brookfield Zoo, just outside Chicago, so we decided to take my monkeys and see real monkeys.  Or dolphins.

Wave Hello!
Loved the Show

We got lucky, the 30 minute thunderstorm started and ended while we were watching the dolphins.  So then we hightailed it to the Xtreme Bugs exhibition.

Inside the Aquarium of Bugs
Running From a Fake Bug

This is my favorite picture ever.  The exhibition had an outdoor trail of gigantic animatronic bugs that were constructed true to life, but on an ENORMOUS scale.  And being anamatronic meant that each one moved. 


But J & H loved them.  And loved fake running from them for the camera.

So after the fun weekend, I got down to work.  With some crown moulding (!)

To change it up a bit, I'm going to show the entry into the livingroom in stages.

Before - With Tiles
After Tiles

Before Moulding
First Moulding

This piece went on the easiest.  We started here because it's the "blind corner," meaning the entry way into the room.  When you walk in, you don't see it because it's behind you.  That's where you always start.  (So I learned)

Back to Blind

MANY HOURS LATER, we came back to the blind corner.  I took a hundred pictures, but you kinda had to be there to appreciate them. 

All I can say about installing crown moulding is: installation is hard.  And I'm thankful I had Rick S. there to help.  Or do.  Actually, I helped.  And learned.  That it's HARD.

Really want to know why I'm happy I had Rick?  He turned this:

Blind Corner - Don't Look
Into this:

Blind Corner - Rebuilt

And after I caulked, we had this:

Blind Corner - Look At Me!

Oh yes!  Look at me!!!!

Wait, first let's prime you.  And the wall.

Cutting In - Not Fun
Rolling the Wall - More Fun
We're All Primed

Better.  But it's just tinted primer, so don't get too excited.  Yet. 

We bought the finish paint tonight, so excitement is building...

Want to see another angle?  Here's that go-to bay window:

Before - With Tile
After Tile
Before Moulding
After Moulding
After Caulking
After Priming!

Yup, the bay's more exciting. 

But for now, I'm dragging this tired tail into the home stretch.  And then I'm never doing another project again. 


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