Monday, July 02, 2012

A Bigger Livingroom Update

Yup, it's true.  Somebody coming or all of us going usually gets something done in this house.  And this year's summer vacation did not disappoint. 

I'm just gonna cut to the chase.


Oh yeah.  That just happened. 

We've been dying to get rid of that ugly gross console since before we got the flat screen.  And finally, it's gone! 

Well, it's actually to the left (in the dining room) waiting to be posted on craigslist.

Let's go back to the pretty.

Floating Loveliness

Remember when I had the outlets moved and mounted the flat screen TV...well, it was finally time to build a floating corner console. 

We ended up having it custom made because I simply could not find anything pre-made for purchase.  Anywhere.  I searched high and low, around, behind, underneath, over name it.  Didn't exist. 

Our designer-by-night gave us a contact who turned out to be a mind reader.  He came over early in the week to measure the corner.  I told him what I was looking for.  He sketched it out on graph paper and 3 days later came back to install it.  Can you say AMAZEBALLS?!

Here's the installation THAT HE DID.  I just secretly snapped pics as he popped out to his truck to grab tools.


Step one:  Move TV out of the way push old console to the side.


Step two: Bring in the new console.  

You can see the corner/triangle shape.  He had to build it out square in order to accommodate the cable box depth.  The bottom half has an open back to access the outlets and a push/magnet "door" that flips down.  Nobody needs to see the wireless router...especially curious George.

Ready to Mount
It's Up!

Step three:  Mount it!

A few heavy duty anchors later, it was on the wall.  And not.  Going.  Anywhere.  Hear me, George?


I love the space we've reclaimed by removing that behemoth of a console. 

The only "hmmmm...." we have is that although it's painted BM Cloud White like the person, it looks slightly yellow.  We may paint it out grey, like other things in the room. 

But for now, we're just happy to cross this off the list of "things-we-seriously-have-to-do-because-we're-sick-of-looking-at-it-anymore."

Now You See It
Now You Don't

Cross it off the list!

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