Thursday, June 28, 2012

Stop Growing

It's what I tell my kids all the time.  They are getting too big, too fast.  On Tuesday, I think I said it to Jake about 14 times. 

It was his Kindergarten Graduation.

Cue the tears.

Jake in a Green Collared Shirt and Mortarboard

This is my absolute favorite shot because you can see Jake walking out and smirking, Steve (on the left) beaming and Jake's teacher looking giddy because graduation = summer vacation.

I can't do this post justice without saying how completely and utterly joyful I am that my kids attend the school they do. 

We live in a different school's district.  One that is highly regarded and sought after.  Many out-of-district families try to get in - but can't.  Other people buy homes in our neighborhood just to attend the school.  So while there is nothing wrong with Palmerston P.S., it is French Immersion.  For us, English is our preference.  And with a wonderful all English school who's district ends one block East of us, I decided to apply for optional attendance at Huron P.S. when Jake was starting kindergarten. 

And somehow -miraculously- got in.

So you could say I am a bit crazy with my love affair with Huron.  And it's principal.  And it's teachers.  Especially Jake's teacher...who is hands down THE BEST.

As confirmed by the end of year teacher gift bags I made:

Mr. & Mrs. Kotter

The pictures were Steve's contribution.  Solidified by the fact that for the past two years (all of JK and all of SK), Jake was sure that his teacher and the kindergarten assistant were married.  He knew it!  He would tell me how Mr. Gillis's wife came and helped the class that day.  "Mommy, they're married, you know."

Anyhow, back to the ceremony.


It was a beautiful day, so the graduation took place outside in the reading circle.  You can see the child whisperer (aka: Mr. Gillis) on the left and his "wife", Ms. DaCunha on the right.

Best Friends

Here's Jake sitting next to his best friend in the world, Dar.


Jake was so happy.  I was beaming because he wore a nice shirt and didn't have holes in his knees.

All the Graduates from Room 6!

Then after everyone received their diplomas, Mr. Gillis went inside to get popsicles. 

My Faves

I told you he's the best.

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