Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Little Livingroom Update

Over the weekend I received an email from West Elm for 15% off.

Which turned this:

Before - 5x8 Tan Postage Stamp
Into this:

After - 8x10 Grey Jute

I've been thinking about a new rug for a while now.  I've been leaning toward something solid that wouldn't compete with the new curtains.  And neutral enough to stay as a backdrop to colorful artwork and pillows.  But beautiful enough to notice...that's the hard part.

So when my friend recently complemented our basement rugs...and then our designer-by-night suggested we repeat the basement rugs in the livingroom...I thought it was a sign.

The discount was my ticket.  Off to West Elm I went.  

Jute Boucle Rug in Platinum

George was my helper.

I Help You

I laid it out lengthwise first because the livingroom is an awkward size. 

Still Helping

But there was too much floor showing on either side...and it accentuated the narrowness.

So I rotated it widthwise.


Which works out much better.

What Holes?

If anything, it might be too close to the wall, but the laminate has two ugly holes where the old mantle used to be.  So for now, I'd rather have the rug to the wall instead of looking at the holey-footprints.

The future plan for the livingroom includes a fireplace and built-in on either side.  So I'm thinking the rug would work lengthwise when that happens...or I will find another room where this rug can live.  And I will love it just as much as I do now...or more...

A few other before & afters:

Before - Future Fireplace Wall
After - Better Coverage

That lamp is next.  Purely functional these days. 

Before - Too Small
After - Much Better

Once that console is gone and I have a floating cabinet system under the wall-mounted TV, I'll be a happy girl.

So here's my new view from the dining room. 

Getting There

It's the right color, soft on the feet and has already passed a few "uh-oh mommy" (read: dropped food) tests from the kids. 

We'll keep it.

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