Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Let There Be A Blind

I'm finally less exposed at night.  In the kitchen.

When I got the banquette cushion upholstered, I also sent along some complimentary fabric I purchased from Tonic Living to make a roman blind.

Get ready for far too many pictures of a window.

Here's where we were last week:


Here's where we are today:


I know.  You almost have to squint in these pics to see the difference.  But it's there.  And in real life, it's huge.

Here's a little view up close.

(Yep, those are last week's flowers - best $5 I've ever spent at Loblaw's)

The funny part is, the shade sat in my dining room for a week.  But installation took me 5 minutes.  There were pre-drilled holes in the wood bar at the top...I didn't know they were there until my superstar step-father-in-law told me to look for them.  And he gave me two screws.  Love him.

From the Dining Room

So a quick job completed at the height of witching hour (read: while 3 kids were eating a "starter" watching Spongebob before dinner) turned out to be my smoothest project with the most impact. 

Next comes some artwork on the walls.

And then I'm posting some major before and afters.  For reals.

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