Friday, June 15, 2012

Another Little Livingroom Update

When I went to West Elm for the living room rug, I didn't just stop there.  A 15% discount off anything I purchase?  I'll take one of everything. 

Well, at least a rug...and a lamp.


It was on back order, but came in early.  I rushed over today.  And I'm in love. 

The best part?  Two pulls for two bulbs. 

One Bulb On

This is my husband's kind of light level.

Two Bulbs On

And this one's mine. 

Now we don't have to fight about 40 watt or 60 watt bulbs.  We can just play rock, paper, scissors for how many pulls to yank.  Done.

Here's the wide shot.



We knew from the beginning of our living room project that the sorry little IKEA lamp had to go.  It was not right for the room.  And since our updating began, the pull got yanked a little too hard by one of the three kids now the only way to turn it on is to feel around for the string that's tied to the metal arm and press down on it.  Not my fun. 

Then recently, when I went online to look at pictures of a house up for sale in my 'hood, I noticed their living room was totally my style.  The coffee table is just what we're leaning towards for our living room.  Then I saw the floor lamp.  Winner!  

View From the Hall

Finding the lamp, loving the rug, and having a coupon for West Elm was total luck.  We decided they were both pieces we really like and would buy even if we didn't have a coupon.  But the discount was worth purchasing them now...with the understanding our money tree would be bare for a while.

So for now, I'm enjoying the view. 

Still Need Help

And thinking about some inexpensive DIY art ideas for that future fireplace wall.  I need something colorful and fun.  Mr. Floating Console still needs to happen, too.  That's Steve's thorn. 

Until then, I'm ignoring all email coupons...

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