Friday, November 02, 2012

A Cozier Basement

I love our basement.  Henry's recent birthday party weekend marked the one year anniversary of the ginormous renovation's completion.  Every time we're down there, we marvel at the transformation.  Love.

Suddenly, with a month to go before the big party, I realized we hadn't done much to "finish" the space since Henry's last party.  We needed artwork on the walls.  But since the basement is the gem of the house, we're careful what makes it down.

Enter Etsy.



We fell in love with the map art prints the moment we saw them.  And they're personal.

It's A Story

Steve and I met in NYC, we spend a weekend every summer in Chicago...

...and I'm from Milwaukee.  Born and raised.  Go Packers.

Our first choice was to have Toronto in the mix because that's where we live.  But because of the way the city is laid out, it was only offered in landscape (instead of portrait like above).  That threw a wrench in the whole layout of the wall.  I asked the seller if he could manipulate it into portrait, but he couldn't.  Instead, he sent me the three cities above and surprised me by throwing in Toronto for free.

Could I love the artwork any more?

Cozy Couch

I also bit the bullet and grabbed some raw silk pillows and a favorite throw from West Elm.  It was an impulse purchase.  I knew I could return them for sure.  But they're staying. 

The throw was on sale, and since I have one in the living room, I knew I'd like it in the basement, too.  The pillows were in the right place at the right time.  I can't tell you how long I've been looking, and suddenly they jumped into my arms.  The color compliments the grey in the bathroom.  No pattern, just textured.  Perfect. 

My favorite is the view I have coming down the basement stairs. 

That couch is finally calling my name...

*Thank you to MrCityPrinting for the beautiful artwork and the extra Toronto print...we're still looking for the perfect spot to hang it and I'll let you know when we do!*

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