Thursday, November 01, 2012

Our Halloween: Rain, Sirens and the ER

But don't freak out...they weren't in that order.


Back up.

Halloween is a bit of a milestone for this blog.  One year ago today, I posted for the first time!  Who could forget those faces...

Halloween 2011
And one year later...

Halloween 2012

I started the day by getting the house all spooky.  Nothing like leaving it 'til the last minute.

Done During Naptime

When the boys came home from their after school program, it was quite a surprise.  So it made last minute feel special.  At least that's what I tell myself.

Another surprise?  Coming home to a husband who carved his hand while doing last minute pumpkins.  Yup.  This is the ER part. 

We all hopped (back) in the car, drove to Mt. Sinai emergency, dropped daddy off and sat in traffic on the way back home to trick-or-treat. 

In the rain.


This shot of the boys is not the highlight.  That bullet through the frame's a raindrop.  And we got hit by many of them.  But I had to make good on my promise to go around our whole, huge bigger-than-a-normal-city-block-because-this-is-the-annex block and finish at the fire house. 

Who wouldn't love trick-or-treating at the fire house!?

So we pressed on.

With George in tow.

Poor guy was supposed to stay at home with daddy.  Instead, he tagged along strapped into his stroller.  I just couldn't let him toddle around.  Not in the rain with his older brothers sprinting from house to house.  At least they hit up the neighbors for candy on his behalf.

In Action

Henry got a few raised eyebrows when he asked for a second helping.  But when neighbors spotted the caged tiger, they gave extra. 


Who could deny those red raw numb hands?

Rounding the corner on the homestretch to the firefighters, we stopped in at a few more houses.  Only the ones that were brightly lit and on the way.  The bags were getting heavy.

Our final house was the one next door to the firehouse.  As soon as she opened the door and the kids yelled "Trick or Treat!" we saw this:


The garage door opened, full lights went on and the siren started blaring.  They left. 

Par for the course. 

So instead of our regular picture with firefighters who gave out tootsie roll pops, we have a picture with the closed garage door.

Better Than Nothing

Again.  Awful picture.  But a great memory.

As soon as that picture was snapped, we hightailed it home.  I couldn't feel my fingers anymore and George wanted out of the stroller.  The boys ran behind me to catch up...


At our house, I let the kids gorge themselves when they get home.  They get that one big night.  After that, the candy magically disappears.  Usually overnight.  Few questions asked.

Jake went right for the chips.

Henry ditched his costume immediately and tried to jump in his bag.

George followed in his brother's footsteps...CHIPS!

We left our house lit while the gorging ensued.

Mummies on the Steps!

There were a few more visitors to the door, but most had come and gone.

Honesty Policy

The rain must have dampered attendance.  Normally that bowl is empty. 

Once all 3 were in bed, I cleaned up the wrappers.  This is probably a record year.


Also a record?  Steve's wait time in the ER.  He saw people who came in after him get attended to and leave before he was even looked at....!!!

Four hours after being dropped off, his hand was wrapped up.  And papers were in his hand with information to contact the hand clinic.  The tendon in his pinky was severed.  Next comes surgery and physio.


So I did what any loving wife would do.  As soon as his cab pulled up, I poured him a glass of wine and chose the best piece of chocolate from the evening to ease his pain while the painkillers set in. 

Yep, this halloween is one for the record books.  Literally. 


  1. Love your Halloween post. Made me feel like I was there to share it!

    Kids are just too cute! Mummies look fantastic on your steps! And I hope Steve is OK.

  2. Oh my gosh! What a story! Poor hubby too. And I assume he's right handed-- that's going to suck for a long time.