Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving In Instagram

I took a ton of pictures.  But had trouble picking the best.  So I let instagram do it for me.

And not one is of a turkey.

Our roadtrip from WI to upstate NY was by way of IL, where my brother lives.  On our way to the park, we dared to deck out in Green & Gold despite being in Bear Country.

Later, the kids raked my brother's leaves.  Meaning no work was actually done.
(Evidence above)

We drove from IL to Niagara Falls, where we met Steve.  After spending the night in a hotel, and gorging ourselves on TGI Friday's, we made it to the rental property on Cayuga Lake near Ithaca, NY.

The view of Cayuga Lake from the backyard of the house. 

The big boys hiked around with Uncle Joe and managed to avoid stepping in poo. 

We braved the treacherous bridge, staircases and rocky shore to visit the lake daily.  In the Finger Lakes region, there are waterfalls everywhere.  One more beautiful than the next. 

This was the best shot of my Henry from the trip.

Well, this one with daddy on the pier is a contender, too. 

Our family can't get together without playing Trivial Pursuit, Men vs Women.  We even have a trophy.  It's engraved with every win. 

And Thanksgiving 2012 = Women!!

We woke up to this every morning. 

Jake loved skipping the millions of flat stones into the lake.  Highest score: 6 skips.

Our tradition is to have Chinese food for dinner the night after Thanksgiving at my aunt and uncle's house who live in the area.  This last shot is the beautiful pink sky we saw from their front yard.  My favorite part is that American flag in the foreground ;)

Our Thanksgiving was amazing...we can't wait to do it all over again next year.   

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