Wednesday, August 14, 2013

At Home And Away

We're still away. 

This vacation feels awfully long for the husband who's back home in a quiet house.  But he's getting work done.


This is the pre-me leather club chair.  I caveat it with "pre-me" because anything we own that's before our relationship started, we have deemed expendable.  If it breaks, nobody gets upset.  If we sell it, nobody feels hurt.  If our kids destroy it, we might not try to save it.  But if we do, we don't totally care if it doesn't work. 

Except this leather club chair is nice.  Buttery nice.  So we didn't pitch it during the reno.  Instead, we decided to actually try to save it.  Meaning, I left a bottle of leather cleaner under the kitchen sink and sent an email to the hubby last week telling him where it was if he gets bored.  And look what happened.


EEK!  Buttery. 

I know, it's not perfect.  But it will do.  It will do just fine.  I've been told, if you look really hard, you can still see the outline of a stick person and an "H" on the seat.  I still wonder if it was Jake, Henry or George who did that.

Speaking of seats, our modular outdoor furniture came.  We decided to tweak it slightly based on the deck size and layout.  Objects look larger when they show up on your deck.  But even though I haven't seen the furniture (or deck for that matter) in person, I found the perfect pillows.


I found these in the window of a store.  I drive past this store to get to SuperTarget where my brother lives.  It takes all my effort not to turn into the parking lot of this store every time I go to SuperTarget.  Which is every day.  That's because the store is this:

I'll only be a minute

I limited myself to the outdoor pillows I saw in the window.  Husband, you should be proud.  I could spend the day in this store and justify all items purchased.  Easily.

Lastly, I need to make up for the lack of kids appearing here over the last few months. 

We had fun going fishing.

Henry watching his bobber

This kid caught a bullhead and a turtle last time we went fishing.

George reeling in his bobber

This kid was in an infant seat strapped to a stroller.

Jake caught a Bluegill!

And since he caught NOTHING last time, he was due.  It was the smallest bluegill I've ever seen, but it was a catch. 

Looks bigger than it is

And release.  We'll take it.

We also had too much fun in the pool.


So much fun, we got a split chin and ended up in the hospital.  


Getting six stitches at the hospital his cousins were born in was not his idea of fun.  But he was brave and his mother didn't pass out.  That's a win-win.

Stay tuned for the second half of our vacation...I can't promise stitches are as bad as it gets.

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