Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Still Away

The official nickname has become "the vacation that would never end."  Mostly because we've been without my better half (who's at home working) for over two weeks and it's taking a toll on me and the boys.  Not to mention him.  Very much him.  But we'll be reunited soon and it will feel so good.

In the meantime, we've been having fun.  Get ready for a family/kid filled post.

Miller Park
What's a great way to entertain two growing boys?  Baseball works.  Major league baseball totally works.

Roof Open
I asked the ticket guy for the three best cheapest seats.  Without skipping a beat, he said the bleachers.  Done.

They liked watching the game, but they liked eating even more.  We were in line for hot dogs when the Brewers scored a home run.  We missed Bernie sliding down into the mug of beer, balloons and fireworks.  But they were pretty good hot dogs.

We didn't catch any balls, but we had a great time.  NFL visit, check.  MLB visit, check.  Lucky kids, check. 

What else do you do to entertain three little boys?  You revisit what works.  For us, that's fishing.

Except this time, we caught 12 fish.

Another Winner
It must have been our lucky charm.  My Aunt and Uncle came in from upstate New York to visit for a few days, and my Uncle bravely joined us on our fishing trip.  He may have baited worms on hooks about a thousand times, but it worked. 

Lucky Charm
Henry wouldn't leave his side.  I wouldn't either if I caught 5 fish with him.

I know, I know.  I was just watching Jake's pole while he hit the men's room.  Until I caught one or three.  Then I got hooked.  (That was too easy...)

So after we caught half the pond and threw it back, we hung out at my parents' house.

And shot off rockets.  What else do you do with three boys?  I took a bunch of videos, this was the only picture.  Uncle Mark set the rockets.  My dad set the ignition while taking turns with each boy.  This was a hit. 

Dare I say, the first rocket may have been the best only BECAUSE it landed in the tree.  We spent time running after it, looking up in the maze of branches, and launching baseballs/footballs/tennis balls after we found it hanging waaaaaaay up beyond our reach.  It's still up there.

But what do you do when you're baseballed, fished and rocketed out?  You change the scenery.  And head for my brother's house.  Bro = Pool.

Oh No.
Unless you run into a major accident on the tri-state highway that shuts down all lanes heading north and south. 

Hangin' Out
Then, if you follow me on instagram (@lovingalbany), you see us hanging out on the side of the highway with hundreds of other people for 2-1/2 hours watching smoke and helicopters.

And huge tow trucks. 

I know, it could have been worse.  It could have been us.  That would've been way worse than stitches.  Knock on wood.  Twice.

The world's longest trip aside, we made it to my brother's house.  And had a mini-reunion.

Sister, Mother, Aunt
Uncle, Father, Brother
It was all worth it.  And then some.  Such a great time together :)

After my Aunt & Uncle left on their long drive home, we wrapped up the weekend with some kids in a box...

...a little sweatin' it out...

...and a little group artwork.

I only put this last picture in because my brother is a guy's guy.  So seeing him make chalk art is pretty funny.  Anything for the kids, right?  HA!

Here's a shot from our last morning of the weekend at my brother's.  It's something that will stay with me for a long time.  The boys constantly ask when they can go in the pool every morning and my answer is always "after 9-zero-zero."  They are stripped, trunked and splashing by 9:01.  I'm sorry, neighbors.

And lastly, I can't not mention my husband who is working like a dog back home.  Tidying up post-renovation without his wife telling him what to do and kids getting in the way.  But look at what he does when that happens.

Storage Towers
This is the top half of the storage towers in the kitchen.  He said he googled how to style them.  I love it.  And I love him :)

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