Thursday, August 29, 2013

At Home And Done...??

We're back.  It feels like it's been forever.  It's really just been since March. 

How can March feel like forever?  It's been:

6 10hr car rides
5 beds
4 houses
2 countries
1 same suitcase each through it all

Most of those suitcases are unpacked.  (I still need to hit a craigslist jackpot for the boys' dresser)

Nevertheless, it was all worth it.  WORTH IT.  The five of us have been home -really home- for 4 days now and it feels great.  Like exhaling deeply while finding your zen and getting a massage all at the same time.  That good.

Almost as good as seeing this move in pile of stuff...

...go down to this.

Two bags.  Yes!  Go through one bag a day and it will be done by the weekend.  Don't mind that outdoor furniture to the side, it will also be exchanged and out of the way this weekend.

But it doesn't mean we're done.  There's much left to do.  And it's all in the details, which I love. 

Like styling.  Which I'm not that good at.  I know it when I like it, but it takes me a while to get there. 

Let's take the livingroom.  I have the old curtains.  I have the old rod.  But the window is not centered on the wall so the curtains have to trick the eye.  Not too hard, right?

Forgive the bad shot - this was the iphone picture I sent to Steve to show the bad sheet on the window was gone.  But the curtain didn't look right to me.  Too squished.  Too much white on either side.

So we did this.

Better!  Much better.  But the curtain on the left is ready for a flood.  It doesn't hit the floor.  (There's a subwoofer in the way, but believe me when I say it's at least 4 inches off the ground) 

We're also struggling with a bit of a privacy issue at night, which we've never had before.  It's that open concept thing.  Who knew a linen sheer can't block people from seeing directly into your kitchen like a wall could? And guess what pulling those two narrow panels together does for the look of this room...

My plan is to double up the panels on either side and go wall-to-wall with the curtains.  Both short ones can sit on the right, while I buy two longer ones to go on the left.  Then, at night, we pull only the inside panels together for privacy. 

As for the couch, I'm testing out pillow placement.

A sectional confuses me.  How many pillows are supposed to be on it and where?  So far, this scenario is working well.  Corners only.  Not in equal numbers.  Add a blanket. 

We spend tons of time in this space, probably second only to the kitchen.  Exactly what I hoped for.  So once I figure out the comfort factor I'll move on to the fabric choice and style factor. 

The coffee table arrives this weekend, so kiss that IKEA Lack stand-in goodbye!!

Lastly, the wall.

Not this wall.  We love this wall.  Not going to touch it.  Just need to find the RIGHT items to put in that niche up top.  Be picky.

This wall.  Steve is talking me into his vision of a picture wall.  Hmmm.  Sounded too clunky and chaotic at first.  I resisted.  But it's really the only place we have on the whole main floor to put a group of photos or pictures together. 

The more I consider it, the more I can see it working.  It needs something, so the plan is to give it a try.

So, yes.  We are home.  And the reno is done.  But is a home ever done?

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