Friday, January 06, 2012

Kitchen Inspiration = Motivation

Can't keep myself busy enough while the older boys are at full-time camp this week.

I was looking around online and finally came across my kitchen inspiration.

That's IT!

Having gone through the basement renovation last year, I realized I'm extremely visual when it comes to conceptualizing a space.  I can talk through what I like or want.  But in order to wrap my head around it, I have to see it.  Tape it out on the floor (did that a lot) or on the wall (did that more)...but when I find a picture of everything together - my heart skips a beat.

I'm overjoyed!

These pictures are perfect because of many things on my "have to live with" or "want to do" in my kitchen:
- cabinet color and hardware (doing)
- thicker moulding on cabinet uppers (plan to do)
- faucet (want)
- undermount sink (want)
- countertop & color (want)
- flooring (have - sort of, just not as nice as here)
- backsplash (have - well, it's not subway but it's white & tile)

Now just picture it with white appliances and bad overhead lights that (are K&T) won't be upgraded.

Good thing I love my $basement$.

So...after painting the front door, I figured why not keep painting...the kitchen's now calling my name.


Still only in it's primed glory, I used the leftover Cloud White from the mudroom and got 'er done.  Kinda hard to see the difference between the primer and paint.  (I only got halfway done yesterday and Steve didn't even notice half the kitchen was unfinished) 

But since I completed the whole first coat this morning (at naptime), I can see a big difference.  Like this:

White walls with...

...awful trim

Aaaack!  Yes, the string continues to unravel itself.  The beat up, crusty, peel-y, gouged, now-yellow-looking trim must be addressed.  So that's next.  It will be tricky given the amount of TLC needed in here.

Milk (?) Window

This adorable window with the old latch needs tons of help.  Might have to strip the painted-over hardware.

Big Window

Again, love the old moulding around the window.  But it has about 18 coats of paint and countless wounds.  I figure anything I do to help smooth it out will be better than what we've got now. 

Looking around the room, I feel like I can totally tackle the trim in here.  That's not a problem.  It's just that the trim in the REST OF THE ENTIRE HOUSE looks just like this.  Three floors.  It's overwhelming.

So excuse me while I block that out of my mind and stare at my kitchen inspiration, instead...

*Inspiration pictures found at, post: "Charcoal Grey Kitchen Cabinets"

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  1. I hear you on feeling overwhelmed about your trim. I had to strip all of my upstairs trim of 7+ layers of paint. Fun times. ;)

    Oh, and I recently used a crock pot to 'cook' off paint from some hinges and door hardware. It worked amazingly well!