Thursday, January 12, 2012

Quick and Easy Backsplash Fix

All this dreaming and planning to change up my kitchen (on the DIY cheap) has me back to loathing the awful backsplash.  Actually, it's not all bad.  Just 12 tiles of it.


Yup, I've got 3 of these lovelies spaced out along the backsplash of the long counter.  This one's smack dab above the sink, so I see it all.  the.  time. 

Since replacing the backsplash is NOT in the budget for giving my kitchen a little facelift this winter, nor have thousands of google searches provided a quick and easy way to remove these, I decided to figure out how to live with them. 

Or not.

Wait one hour

I had some family pictures laying around, waiting to find a home.  What better place than the one room I spend the majority of my life in?


The other side:



Simply standing at the sink is pleasant now.

Hello family

Yes, there's a boy missing in that picture.  I was pregnant with George when it was taken.  So technically, he's "there," you just can't see him ;)

I'll miss those crazy pears.  I think they were the jumping off point for the colors in this kitchen when they reno'd and staged this house when we bought it.  The yellow of the pears on the walls, the blue of the berries on the cabinets and the green of the leaves on the tiled countertop.  Why not?...!!!

Not bad for a day's work...and 3 of the 5 of us sick with a nasty cold.


Now that I see this picture, I think the middle one should scoot up a bit so the pictures are level instead of the frames. 

That must be why they give you two adhesive strips with each hook...

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