Monday, May 28, 2012

Bathroom Jewelry

I got busy this weekend.  And I don't mean with the kids.

I crossed off a straggler on my to-do list. 

We went from this:

Good Old Gardner Mirror

To something a little more sparkly.

Homesense Find

I didn't expect to walk out with a mirror when I was at the Homesense in Ajax, but I couldn't help it.  It was not only beautiful, but the right price, too. 

Back to the old mirror.  Steve has had it with him for years.  He grew up with it at his mom's house (in the foyer), brought it with him to apartments in Toronto and New York City (in the bedroom), and it's still with him here at home (in the bathroom). 

It was time for an intervention.

So, weeks after the purchase, I finally got to hanging.  That's life with 3 kids.

I grabbed tools, picture wire and opened the back of the box.

Uh Oh

Funny enough, my handyman idol (step-father-in-law) and I were just having a conversation about how hard it is to hang pictures or mirrors when only using D-Rings.  How precise you have to be.  Measure a million times and then measure again just in case.  Of course this would happen to me.  Now.  With this mirror.

So I measured a million +1 times and went to work.

With my favorite drill and favorite Togglers.

FYI: Toggler doesn't pay me for my crush.

First, I removed the old mirror.

Then I drilled a hole and inserted the toggler.

And then I tapped it into the wall, popped the back open and started screwing.

That screw ain't goin' anywhere.  159 lbs strong?  I believe it. 

After both screws went in, I hung the mirror (with Steve) and held my breath.

Lookin' Good

Then came the moment of truth.


Bubble in the middle.  Level.  Amazing.

So I took a few more pictures for some fun Before & Afters:

Entry Before
Entry After

Let's see some more of the bathroom...shall we?

More Before
More After

I really like how the bevel frame reflects light all over.  It helps having the big canvas of a white shower curtain across from the mirror.  Perhaps I'll go a little crazy and get a pattern or design?


My only -ick- feeling is that maybe it's too low.  It's centered perfectly above the sink.  But having lived with it for a day, and Steve saying "does it feel a little low?", makes me think I might have to nudge it up. 

Too Low?

Too much wall space above?  Too close to the wainscoting?  Wrong sized picture (on the right) not helping the visual balance?  I don't know.  I'm not sure. 

So instead I'm just going to live with the sparkly for now and smile every time I walk in the bathroom. 

Which is often, with those 3 little boys... 

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  1. mmm.. Homesense!  The new mirror is so much better - I love how sparkly it is, and it really adds some glamour to your bathroom. :)  Oh, and seriously - what a great price!