Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Green Fence

When we bought our house, we had a love/not-in-love relationship with its location. 

Love the street.  Love the neighborhood. 
Not in love with being at the top, near a very VERY busy road. 

Enter our magical green (currently white) fence.

In Full Bloom

Since we bought in December, we had no idea how wonderful these two "Bridal Wreath" Spirea bushes would be.  Right now they are all white, in full spring bloom.  At about 8 feet tall, they are mature.  And they block everything out.

My favorite part: when you trim them after flowering (I hack them so they don't scratch the car - but never more than 1/3), they grow even fuller the next year.

Which is perfect, living on a key lot.

What Houses?

Since we're the last lot at the top of our street, the backyards of homes on the BUSY road back onto the North side of our property (hence, a key).  At first, I thought it would a privacy problem, but so far, we've been fine.  In fact, it's a big plus having sunlight through the windows on the non-shared wall. 

The bushes provide privacy for both us and our neighbors.  We don't have to see them hanging out in their backyard.  And they don't have to stare at our car when they do. 

View from the Porch

And as for the traffic?  You can see a truck whizzing by just above the bush.  But as soon as you walk down the front steps, it's gone.  You almost don't even hear it anymore.  There's just a big wall of green - well, now, white.

The fragile spirea flowers will be gone with the next rainfall.  They don't last long, but we enjoy them while they're here....

....and we're also enjoying the beautiful weather.  Here are pictures of Jake & Henry yesterday with their newly planted maple keys - or helicopters, as I called them growing up.

In There Somewhere
Waiting for it to Grow

Henry literally checked his 3 times last night "to see if it growed." 

Don't ask him to boil a pot of water.

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