Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Memorial Day Weekend

I can't help it - I still put everything in American terms. 

Next year, Jake will be in "1st Grade."  It's about "80 degrees" outside.  When I was a "Junior" in High School....

So this past weekend was the first long weekend and unofficial start to summer....otherwise known to me as Memorial Day Weekend.

Or, oh-no-what-are-we-going-to-do-with-the-kids-for-3-straight-days weekend.

Let's start with George.

I Love my Y-Bike
Who's There?

He's a walkin.  All the time.

He was threatening to walk for a while.  But finally, at 15 months, on Mother's Day weekend, he took off.  And now he spends more time upright than on his knees. 

Welcome back to gate world at the Gardners.

We also had some Jake time, spent at High Park with a friend.

High Park Zoo

There's a bison in there somewhere. 

Then some fun time in the backyard on the deck. 

Can't Buy a Smile

Jake's at the age where he won't smile for pictures.  The sillier the better.  So instead of fighting it, I just joined in.

Then Monday was the holiday.  And Henry's special day. 

It went something like this: 

10:45am, Jake & Henry at the park with Steve while I'm sitting on back deck eating a sandwich as George naps.
SFX: Back Screen Door flies open

Jake:  Mommy!  Henry had a big wipeout on his bike and his chin is all bloody.
Me:  What?!
Jake:  He did.  Daddy told me to run up here and tell you.
Me:  Where are they?
Jake:  They're coming up the street.  Daddy is walking with Henry and his bike.

I run into the kitchen, soak 3 paper towels under the faucet and come outside to see an exhausted husband bent over a 12" bike and a 4 year-old holding a blood stained t-shirt to his chin.  One look and I knew we were headed for the hospital.

Waiting Room

We got there by 11am, with only one child ahead of us.  The triage nurse confirmed what I feared.  The split was U-shaped, so glue wouldn't hold it closed.  He would need stitches. 

In good spirits, and more brave than scared, Henry was a trooper.  In the waiting room, he told me the story of how it happened.

"I was riding my bike down the pathway.  Then it go-ed really fast and then it got wobbly.  Then it got more wobbly.  Then I fell down like a superman and hurted myself and I got a hole in my chin."

He heard Steve tell me about doing a "Superman" off his bike.  Just the thought makes me cringe.

Waiting for Anesthetic

After the doctor gave him a thorough inspection -thank god he was wearing his helmet- the nurse cleaned up wounds on his elbow, hip, knee and chin.  She also applied a topical anesthetic to help numb his chin before a needle with more anesthetic & stitches.

With the movie RIO playing on the exam room tv, Henry was more than distracted.


Distracted AND exhausted, he fell asleep between stitch #2 and #3.  For this amazing feat, he was proclaimed "poster patient."  Only Henry.

After wonderful care, 4 stitches and a freezie, we headed home.  The bravery treats of choice were popsicles and potato chips. 

Oh, and the promise of McDonald's.  Guess what we had for lunch today?

Jake: "Everybody Loves McDonald's"

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