Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Construction Finale

This was our parking pad at the end of March.

When we returned home from our Easter trip, ours was the first pad to be repaired.  Today, it looks like this.

You can see two blue circles - those are water connections for each house - and one white circle - that's the shared sewer cleanout.  The light colored bricks only show light in this picture.  There's no noticeable difference when you're outside. 

And the lines on the street!?  Those are from the industrial street sweeper that's been running up and down Albany Avenue all morning long.  Love it. 

There are rumblings of the water main being replaced soon.
But then rumblings of a new street and sidewalks being installed.

I'd prefer a construction-free summer, but the former is really, actually, truly being planned...I hope the latter doesn't happen first.

And just for kicks, I took a picture of the front garden.  It's coming in nicely.

The Burning Bush is getting a little unruly, so I think i have to trim it back.  And that Dogwood on the right grows like I have to keep it from getting too big.

It's hard to see now, before the leaves fill in, but the Dogwood camouflages the walkway and garbage bins nicely.  So even though it can get out of control fast, it's a keeper.

So far, this Spring is a keeper, too.

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  1. The burning bush and dogwood look lovely against the dark porch. :)  My mum gave me a burning bush last year and they're so pretty in the fall.