Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Little Lovin' in the Living Room

Remember when I was contemplating pillows for the living room?

Well, here they are...

I'm in love!!!  And I owe it all to Misty at Milk and Cookies.  I emailed and asked her some really dumb questions about how many, what sizes, types of inserts, complimentary fabrics, suggestions with prints, every bad question that I should know the answer to could think of.  And she responded with such wonderful, helpful hints.

Decorating does not come easy to me...I almost prefer a hand tool...and I find pillows especially intimidating.  Yes, soft, fluffy, patterned things scare me.  But Misty made it simple.  And beautiful!

Ready for a before and after?  I know you are.


Ahh, yes, a little washed out.  That's the mid-morning sun in my east-facing living room for ya.  But you get the idea.  The pop of yellow against the grey rug & curtains is eye candy.

My favorite part is the warm, fuzzy feeling I get every time I walk past the living room.  Or into it.  Or through it. 

I may or may not randomly get up and meander around the living room these days...

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