Wednesday, August 01, 2012

GB Sneak Peek

One word to describe the tail end of our summer vacation: BUSY.

A big highlight of busy?  we left NB for GB.  Yes, that would be the mecca of football.


Here's a sneak peek of our Green Bay fun. 

(Because busy is still in full effect)

The Reason for Fun = Training Camp!

(DWTS Champ) Donald Driver

#1 QB Aaron Rodgers !!!

Yes, I took these pictures, and no, I don't have a fancy camera. 
They were THAT CLOSE!

The Boys Hangin' with Curly

Funny Faces Inside Lambeau Field

Once busy is over, I'm putting together a huge post with all our fun.  We had such a blast in Green Bay, we may make it an annual trip.

I'm a huge Packer fan - and now I've got a soft spot for it's small-town city.

More to come...

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