Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kids in the Kitchen

Remember when I added some Spain to the kitchen?


I still had to hang actual frames instead of looking at bad placeholders over dinner.  Well, I did that before our July-long summer vacation, but forgot to post about it.

So here's the post:


Fast forward to today when I picked up some pictures for those bad boys.  Bad as in, I'm sick of looking at the inserts with "IKEA RIBBA" every day.

Black's Photo was having a big 8x10's for $1 special this weekend, so I got a few black & white favorites developed. 

Boys At The Beach

I know, 5 pictures and George only made one.  It's the breaks.  I have a gazillion pictures of Jake & Henry and only a million of George so far.  Good thing Black's has that 8x10 promotion every so often, so I can rotate with more of the littlest man.

Ready for the best part?

During (with fort under table)

I'm lovin' it.  Yes, the frames look a little float-y, only because I still have to figure out the pillow situation on the banquette.  But once those arrive, it will feel more grounded. 

I'm also thinking about painting the white frames a red/brown color from the Sevilla poster to give it a little more unity.  When I look at this picture, the walls seem very separate.  Hmmm...

Almost there...or are we...???  Stay tuned!

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