Monday, August 13, 2012

NB Living Room: Before & After

Sorry it took so long to put this post together.  All good things take time.  Sorta like a living room I know...

So, let's get to it!

Here's the entry to the living room:



What you don't see anymore:  ceiling tiles, old wall paint, tired curtains, battered exterior door.

What you do see now:  crown moulding, sand textured ceiling, new wall color, new window coverings, darker stained trim, new outlet/switch cover plates, newly painted registers, some updated decor.


Another angle:


Other side of the room:


And here's the view leaving the living room:


What do you think?  My parents love it.  I just keep having flashbacks to that god-awful ceiling.  Remember this?

Peeling Primer

I'm trying not to.  Instead, I'm loving this.

Sand Textured

If you stand directly below and look up, squinting your eyes, while referencing my "before" can probably make out where the patching begins and ends.  Otherwise, it pretty much blends in with the texture.  Plus, that beautiful satin crown moulding takes your eye right off the ceiling.  So don't even try.

Here are my other faves in the room:

Ceiling Tile Mess
100% Better
Newly Painted Register
All Registers the Same Color
New Lampshade
Pretty Couch

Even my sister's dog, Sadie, approves. 

That would normally wrap up a before and after for my project. 

Except, work continued after I left....

New carpet.  Someone got inspired.

The best part of the new carpet is the hallway.  The old carpet was coming apart at the seams.  Literally.

No Pulling Away

Here are some other "afters" of the whole room.

Living Room Entry
Opposite Bay Window
TV/Bay Window Corner

Even though I haven't stepped foot on the carpet, I love it.  Even the installers complimented my mom on how well the carpet goes with the wall color (yippee!). 

I'm just so happy with the transformation of the room.  My parents call nightly to tell me how much they adore it.  Mostly to inform me of the new no-shoes-not-even-house-slippers policy they've now instated. 

So, that's it for the living room.  We'll see what the next extended vacation to my homeland brings...

**A big thank you to Rick Sedmak of Custom Painting & Decorating for helping install the crown moulding - this project wouldn't have happened without you!!**

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