Friday, December 13, 2013

House Tour: The Pantry

The Pantry.  There are so many things to say about this little 4' x 4' square of awesomeness.  It's another piece of the tetris puzzle in the kitchen.  It's the smallest space with the highest function.  It has the best light fixture.

And it was the running joke of the renovation.  I was so excited about these 16 square feet.  So much, that everyone said who cares about the rest of the house...we'll find Meg hanging out in her beloved pantry 24/7.

So what if I am!?

You would spend all day in here, too, if your before and after was this.

Before (Move In)
After (Today)

(Excuse the blue tarp over the deck furniture - that's our fancy winterizing)

Not the best view of the pantry in the distance, but it matches the before shot.  Let's have a better look close up, shall we?

My Home

16 square feet.  That's all she is.  And I love her.

Since there's really only one before and after shot, I decided to share a little something else.  Here's a picture show of her coming to life.  

Wrong Cabinet
Right Cabinet + Shelves
Countertop + Sink + Faucet + Backsplash
Light Fixture

I'd have to say those open shelves are my favorite part of my favorite space.  Now that I have them, I TOTALLY get why people put them in their kitchen.  We didn't want them for our open concept kitchen space, but in here they're perfect. 

Other pantry faves that are perfect?

Now You See It
Now You Don't

It's a barn door.  And it's magic.  It's saved me from that feeling of "what if I don't want to see what's on that open shelving?"  I can close it if company comes.  Or I can hide from kids.

We put in a sink.  Because when do you not need a sink?  In all honesty, the plumbing was there between the bathroom above and the main stack below.  So...why not?

And we still have storage below.  All the coffee storage a girl could want.

More storage on the right, too.  Empties on the bottom and disorganization above.

Lighting under the shelves.  It's functional...and purdy at night.

There's my fave.  It makes me smile every time I look at it.  Simple yet beautiful in a modern not modern way.  And it's on a dimmer.  Score!

So, there she is.  The smallest, hardest working spot in the house.

And if you need me, you'll know where to find me...

Resource list (in case you're wondering where we found things)
Light Fixture - Davey Lighting, Well Pendant
Countertop - Caesarstone "Pure White"
Faucet - La Torre
Sink - Blanco Radius Bar Sink
Backsplash - Stone Tile (white gloss ceramic, 10x60cm)


  1. Meg, holy crap! That is such an awesome space, I'm totally jealous!! You have a great eye, the light and thick open shelves are the perfect choices. I also think it's genius to put a sink in there...when you have a party you can just stack all the dirty glasses in there and close the door until you want to deal with it. NICE!

  2. Oh thank you! Now that is a great idea...I'll definitely be doing that next time ;)

  3. I would spend some quality time in that pantry too. Especially since there's coffee in there. I hope you also store the wine in there for *emergencies*. Your kitchen looks killer!