Friday, December 06, 2013

The Best. Bath Towels. Ever.

Nothing like dealing with a little plumbing problem in the basement.  That's my Friday fun.  But I won't blog about that.  Or the smell.  Oh god.

Instead, how about something actually fun.  Like towels.  Good towels!

Restoration Hardware

When we first bought our house, I bought really good towels.  Just two.  One for me, one for the better half.  Restoration Hardware, turkish towel, not cheap.  But sooooo reeeeally good. 

It's ten years later.  Even turkish towels need replacing. 

Not long ago, I watched a home show that talked about picking the right front door handle.  She said the handle is a good piece to invest in because at minimum, you will touch it two times a day every day - when you leave for work and when you come home - if not more.  So pick one you love. 

I've applied that thinking to things I touch every day.  But I can't invest in everything.  Even towels.


And I don't need to.  I found the best bath towels ever at Target.  YES, TARGET!!

Here in Canada, the bath towels are $14.99.  In the US, $12.99. 

Top Line

Part of their "Fieldcrest Luxury" line, these are the most expensive towels they carry.  But even at $14.99, they are half the price of Restoration Hardware.  And dare I say, as good.  If not better.  (Gasp!)

Even when wet, they stay fluffy instead of getting heavy.  They hang dry fast.  And they've kept their feel after many many times through the laundry. 

I love sharing good finds.  Especially inexpensive ones.  That you touch every day.  This one was tooooo reeeeally good to pass up!

Target doesn't even know I exist, so the idea of them compensating me for 
my opinion is hilarious.  I wanted you to know this...and laugh at my expense.

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