Tuesday, December 03, 2013

House Tour: Powder Room

This is the story of our powder room:

(Scene: Husband and wife discussing renovation plans)

Me: "Ok, so, we definitely need a powder room."
Husband: (looks up quizzically) "Mmmm, I don't think we do.
Me: (beat) "...wait, what!?!?"

I get it.  We have two bathrooms in this house already.  Space is precious.  Especially on the main floor.  Put it on the list of "want" but not "need". 

Here's where hiring someone to plan your space really pays off.  

More in a sec.  Let's get to why we're really here.  Before and After!


I say "before-ish" because I did a little grey/white facelift on our kitchen not long before the reno.  Originally, our plywood kitchen cabinets were blue and our walls were yellow.  But do you think I have a shot of that on this angle?  No. 

I do have an in-progress shot from that facelift.  It's so bad, it hurts. 

Before Mostly

(You'll have to take my word on the yellow walls - come back for the Kitchen Tour and you'll have your fill.)


How could that even be the same space?  It's magic.  It really is.

In fact, this whole little corner is magic.  In a 4' by 10' space, there's a powder room, a walk-in pantry and two storage towers.  It's like a little tetris puzzle full of function.  And beauty...

We kept it basic and simple.  The floor tile is the same as our entryway.  The walls are painted the same color as the main floor. 

One big long mirror accentuates the depth of the room (almost 6').  The wall sink saves space, so you can walk in and out easily.  It even holds a towel.  Is it ok to be in love with a towel bar?  

I think it is, as long as you have storage somewhere.  And that's here.

Push the door and open into a niche.  Deep enough for toilet paper rolls.  And cups for kid toothbrushes.  Genius.

Which is exactly what our experience with our designer/planner was.  And did.  I can't speak highly enough about it.  Everything has it's purpose and place and function.  We haven't once regretted our decision to not sell, stay put and renovate.  Not even one bit.  It all funnels back to the plan.

And the powder room!

What's that?  One more before and after?  Well, ok.  Here's a throwback to 2 years ago when we dug out the basement (aka: the room that started this whole thing). 

Up The Steps: Before

Oh, hey!  There's the blue!  There's the yellow!  Dear god, that's bad. 

Up The Steps: After

So much beauty.  So much function.  And so. much. better.


  1. Where is the slim sink from? I have a 5 x 5 powder room to outfit and looking for something that would allow a wheelchair to get by without bumping elbows. Thanks!

  2. I can't believe how much was done with that 4 x 10 space. The powder room looks AMAZING and it is so FUNCTIONAL! Love the last before and after. WOW!