Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fireplace Perfection

Since we're on the road, in the middle of a two-week Thanksgiving tour of the family, I haven't been home working on or dreaming of any new projects.  But I did find something to love at my brother's house...his brand new fireplace.


I love it.  It's gorgeous.  And warm.  And remote controlled. 

When we decided to remove our mantle (and fake wrought iron panel insert) last summer, I was happy to see it go.  Since it wasn't part of the original construction, it didn't go with the rest of the house.  And because it didn't work, it lacked function.

But now I miss the focal point.  And the pictures, candles and Christmas decorations that went with it. 

Steve likes the new fireplace, too.  Enough to think about putting a fireplace and mantle back in the living room.  Well, enough to say "maybe" when I asked if we might put one back in.  That's enough for me!

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